Laser Testimonials


Dear Dr. Langel,

Thanks to you I feel like a new person. The minute I stepped into your door and was greeted by Julie who is so pleasant and immediately makes you feel welcome. It was the beginning of a wonderful experience. After being told I needed spinal fusion surgery I contacted Dr. Langel's office for his help. After just 10 laser treatments I feel wonderful. I'm able to go back to my walking regiment and yoga. Without your care I would still be looking at surgery.

Thank you so much!

- D. Emberson


The laser therapy treatments have changed my life! I've battled extensive knee pain for over two years. Have had surgery to repair a bone marrow lesion, but still deal with much inflammation and pain from the arthritis. I've tried so many different treatments (injections, pain meds) and was at the point where my next step was going to be knee replacement which I am still too young for. I'm active, was a runner and wanted my active lifestyle back. After just two laser therapy treatments, I noticed a significant improvement. A month later (and after a total of 7 treatments), I was on vacation hiking and rock climbing with no pain. It was amazing! I could barely walk a quarter mile before! Even beyond the treatment, Dr. Langel and his staff (Julie) are amazing. The personal service and attention they provide is so much appreciated.

- Denise N.


Dear Dr. Langel,

I want to thank you for the care you gave me following a car accident in which my vehicle was totaled. Shortly after the accident, I was in your office for care having a very stiff lower back and sore upper back. After a couple of treatments with your laser equipment and adjustments to my back, I began feeling better. With every treatment I received, I continued to improve. At this time, I feel as if I have made a complete recovery.

I know I am very fortunate to have made a full recovery from my injuries and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the caring way you and your staff treated me. Without your care, I am certain I would still be in lots of pain and discomfort, possibly for the rest of my life. Your expertise in treating your patients is greatly appreciated.

- Barb L.


The results of the laser therapy have really been life changing. I no longer have chronic pain and can see such a big difference in my activity level as a result. Thank you so much for recommending (laser therapy)!
- D. Parman, West Des Moines

I Highly Recommend It!!

The Laser Therapy did a wonderful job on both my left shoulder and my right ankle. Both of which had acute pain from intense physical activity. I was amazed at the speed of recovery, which was key to me given that I was preparing for a big tournament. I highly recommend it!!

- Ajay M.

Thanks for making my arms pain free!

I had the K-Laser treatment done here at Langel Chiropractic for my tendonitis in both arms three months ago and I am still pain free. This is a great treatment done by a great team.
Thanks for making my arms pain free!

- Rick

In my opinion, laser will become a preferred treatment rather than cortisone shots and surgery.

I am very pleased with the results of laser therapy on my knees. The personal attention and professionalism included! I am now able to shop, run errands without the painful swelling and inflammation that I had before which made for a painful experience. In my opinion, laser will become a preferred treatment rather than cortisone shots and surgery as more people become aware of its benefits.

Thank you to Dr. Langel and his staff for a great experience.

Marie H.

K-Laser treatments have helped me to live my life with no pain.

Dear Dr. Rodney and Staff,

I am writing this to let everyone know how the K-Laser treatments have helped me to live my life with no pain. I had a compression fracture from falling backwards of a step and landed on concrete. I have had this treated with the K-Laser several times and I have no pain anymore. I also have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, which has kept me from raising my arm higher than my elbow. I have had this for many years and after receiving the K-Laser treatments I can now reach to comb my hair. I also had carpal tunnel surgery done two years ago, but it did not solve my problem. K-Laser treatments have done wonders for my hands also. Thank you for improving the quality of my life.

- Joan L.

Out of pain and into an active lifestyle again!

I heard about k-Laser therapy form a woman whose son benefitted from treatment. I had chronic ongoing Achilles Tendonitis for 6 months with no improvement after PT, A-stem, E-stem, Ice and Nsaids, and wearing a CAM boot. I could not walk around the block without pain or tightness and limping. I was scheduled to see a surgeon and opted to see what K-Laser could do for me.

I have been under Dr. Langels’ care for two months and could not be happier! Just yesterday I was able to walk around the block pain free! No swelling, limping or tightness. I am over the moon! I understand that healing continues even after I am done having treatments.

The treatments are painless, feeling a bit of warmth at times. It is so simple to receive the treatment and the staff are knowledgeable about the laser and scheduling is easy.

I only wish I had known about K-Laser 6 months earlier. I cannot wait to add distance to my walks, building strength again and get on my bike this spring!

I have residual pain from a knee repair surgery a year ago and am seeking K-Laser treatments for it as well. So far two treatments in and I can feel a positive difference.

Thanks you so much Dr. Langel and Staff for helping me get out of pain and into an active lifestyle again!

- Susie K.

Extreme Lower Back Pain

I had extreme lower back pain, to the degree of not being able to sleep. Dr. Rod adjusted my back and applied Laser Therapy. Within hours of my adjustment my back was pain free. Thank you so much for the relief, which allowed me to resume my normal daily activities.

- Stu H.


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